Michelle in Vineyard
Beyond Budbreak

Meadowlark Vineyards is situated along the banks of the Santa Ynez River in the prestigious Los Olivos District AVA (American Viticultural Area). The moderate diurnal temperature range is a key element in the climate of the Los Olivos District appellation, allowing for full physiological maturity to be reached at lower sugars. Well-drained alluvial soils, mostly fine sandy loam and clay characterize the Los Olivos District. The uniformity of geology, soil profile, topography, and climate is unparalleled when comparing it to other AVAs in California. Being adjacent to the Santa Ynez River provides very cool mornings and evenings that allows for prolonged fruit maturation on the vines. Less than a handful of vineyards in the Los Olivos District are adjacent to this truly unique microclimate along the Santa Ynez River.

Eco friendly solutions is at the heart and soul of Meadowlark Vineyards. By making the decision to respect the environment, it is our hope to find a truly unique niche with those wine lovers that also share, respect and have a passion for protecting the environment. Customers over the years have truly appreciated the organic farming methods that are employed on the vineyard. We are very proud of being an organic grower (one of less than a handful in our area) and can enjoy Meadowlark Vineyards wine knowing full well that it is free of harmful chemicals.

“We are what we eat, and most importantly, what we drink.”  Meadowlark Vineyards is committed to eco-friendly solutions for vineyard management.”

¡Salud! and thank you for your patronage,

– The Guerrero Family